January 31 – February 6: Airline Perfumes, Cuba, Malfunctioning Cockpit Doors and More

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from unaccompanied minors, JetBlue’s new checked baggage fees, and flights to Cuba, to malfunctioning cockpit doors, airline perfumes and computer outages. Enjoy!

Commercial Flights to Cuba Still a Year Out

American, United, JetBlue, Southwest and Delta are all hoping to offer direct commercial flights to Cuba. According to Senator Jeff Flake, this could happen within the year.

Delta Pilot Gets Locked Out of Own Cockpit

A flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas was landed by a first officer after the flight’s pilot was locked out of the cockpit. The culprit was a door jam.

More Details Emerge About JetBlue’s Upcoming Checked Bag Policy

Next quarter JetBlue will roll out a new checked baggage policy to replace its free program with one that charges a fee based on a three-tiered pricing scheme.

Best U.S. Airlines for Unaccompanied Minors

Sending your child on a flight on their own can be a nerve-wracking experience but some airlines are going out of their way to make it a safe and pleasant experience – from providing secure airport entertainment areas, to personal Wi-Fi devices and in-flight picnics. Click here to find out which airline offers what.

Computer Outage Delays Flights

Travelers from around the country took to social media on Monday to complain about a computer outage at Delta Air Lines that prevented them from being able to check-in on the airline’s website, mobile app or airport kiosks.

Random Story of the Week: Airlines Creating Signature Scents To Woo Passengers

Signature scents are not just for celebrities. For the last two years Delta has been spreading a special eau d’aeroport throughout its premium cabins. And it is not alone. Many airlines are embracing signature scents to create more relaxing environments. Although some caution that it could actually cause an unpleasant mid-flight experience for those passengers suffering from asthma or allergies.

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