Ten of the Most Amazing Airplanes Ads in the World

Airplane ads inspire you to travel and explore the world. They can be anywhere – in your newspaper, a prelude to a YouTube video, on billboards, and so on. But some advertisements stand out – for their creativity, in the way they warm your heart, or perhaps compel you to think. Here’s a roundup of ten of the most amazing airlines ads that will leave you eager to make a flight booking soon!


  1. United Airlines – Flyer Friendly

United Airlines-Flyer Friendly

The company revived its tagline ‘Fly the Friendly Skies’ in 2013, giving the word ‘friendly’ a whole new meaning. You’re probably thinking about smiling attendants and remarkable service, but it’s more about the facilities the airlines offered. As part of the campaign, the airline portrayed itself as “flyer-friendly”, “Wi-Fi-friendly”, “legroom friendly” and so on. The campaign also featured the iconic ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ track that United has been using since 1987.

  1. KLM Airlines – Lost and Found


You probably remember this viral video of the adorable Beagle “Sherlock” reuniting passengers with their lost items in an airport. This was a promotional video for KLM’s newly opened ‘Lost and Found Service’. It featured their new ‘employee’- a Beagle named Sherlock. The internet’s love for dogs made the video so popular that it got picked by media moguls like CNN.

  1. Turkish Airlines – The Journey


In this ad, the airline took a slightly different route. Instead of presenting the full-blown ad, a 30-second trailer introduced viewers to the six-minute short film. It advertised not just the airline but also the new Istanbul airport and the beauty of the city. It was only after the film was released across the airline’s social media platforms that the theme of East meets West could be understood. Through the ad, the airlines celebrated its 85 years.

  1. Turkish Airlines – The Selfie Battle


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know this one. It features Kobe and Messi competing to impress a kid. Ultimately, the kid forgets about both of them when an attendant brings him ice-cream. With over 151 million views on YouTube, Turkish Airlines topped YouTube’s ‘Ad of the Decade’ poll.

  1. Air Canada – Our Home


This ad was released in 2017 and narrated by Ryan Reynolds. It set out to capture the Canadian spirit by celebrating ‘home’ as articulated by the Managing Director, Andy Shibata “The feeling of home is something much more than a place.” The ad beautifully captures the reunion of loved ones. Air Canada awarded eight people with free tickets to their “home” for the holidays, based on stories which Canadians were asked to post on social media.

  1. Singapore Airlines – Making Every Journey Personal


This ad is a visual and audio feast that is sure to make one nostalgic. The ad shows the famous ‘Singapore girl’ engaging with passengers who are in their own world until later, when they realize they’ve been on-board a flight all the while. The message – that the airline promises experiences that make one feel like they’re in their own world even at 30,000 feet – was brilliantly communicated.

  1. British Airways – Fueled by love


Inspired by a true story, it shows that love transcends all boundaries. The ad presents the touching tale of a British Airways flight crew member, Helena Flynn. She takes care of an elderly Indian lady on board, who later invites her home. The two initially bond over their longing to meet their respective families. Surprisingly, Helena finds herself visiting the old lady where she is stunned by her loving hospitality. The rest of the ad is about how she forms a deep bond with India that is “fueled by love”.

  1. Turkish Airlines – Dreams


It features four Turkish children from a very poor village in the Eastern part of Turkey, who, with all their heart, want an airplane to land in their backyard instead of the usual Istanbul airport.  They try to draw the attention of the planes but are unsuccessful. One day, all of a sudden, a plane lands because the government constructs an airport there. The ad ends with the children being super happy and proud. This brilliant piece of storytelling became one of the “Top Ten Commercials in Turkish Advertising History”.

  1. American Airlines – Apple


In a cleverly designed picture ad, an apple is cut artistically to form the Sydney Opera House. This ad tells us that the world is a much smaller and closer place than you imagine. Since “The Big Apple” is a nickname for New York City; the ad, through a simple creative picture, shows that it is possible to travel back and forth between New York and Sydney in no time.

  1. South African Airlines – Experts Fly the South African Way


With a humorous take on flying, the ad shows that the experts here are animals like Flamingos, Hippos, and Ostriches. The ad ingeniously puts forward the message that the experts know which airlines to fly in if comfort is their priority.

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