Travel News: April 12-18

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from tackling in-flight boredom to lewd tweets. Enjoy!

Apps to Tackle In-flight Boredom

Stuck in the middle seat with nothing to keep you occupied? Avoid begging the flight attendant to get you there faster by transforming your boring and mindless journey into a jaunt full of good reading, brainstorming, productivity and entertainment with these free seven apps.

Treat Yourself to an Airport Spa Day

The next time you arrive the suggested two hours before your flight, give yourself a pat on the back or, better yet, let someone massage your back at one of the spa chains sprouting up in airport concourses. Men and women alike can enjoy rest, relaxation and exercise at practically every major airport. The early bird truly does catch the worm!

US Airways NSFW Tweet Causes a Stir

Twitter was set ablaze this week after someone at US Airways responded to a consumer complaint with an X-rated photo. Although apologizing for the mistake the next day (with more than 13,000 retweets and 10,000 plus favorites), the ruckus is being referred to as one of the worst tweets in Twitter history.

Tips on Flying Long Distance with Kids

Traveling long distance with your kids but worried how they, and the rest of the plane, will handle it? Enter Karla Cripps, a Canadian mother who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, who shares her foolproof tips on traveling 20 hours (or less) with kids.

Coolest First-Class Amenities

Book your flight on one of these international airlines and you may just receive a luxurious VIP travel amenity or front of the cabin perks ranging from a hot shower to silk pajamas.

21st Century Hotel in the Sky

American Airlines is looking to up the ante for road warriors in the new 777-200 aircrafts. These re-designed cabins will come equipped with a “lobby bar” at the entrance boasting refreshments and snacks for business class “suites” and larger screens, power outlets and sleeker seats for budget travelers.

Real-Time Flight Updates Direct to Your Phone

A seamless journey from curb to gate may be coming to passengers in the near future, as airports and airlines work tirelessly to meet the high demand for an expedited airport experience. A new report from information tech company, SITA, reveals future improvements depend on (1) the ability of airlines and airports to tap the intelligence inherent in their operational and passenger systems and (2) the rise of intelligent airports that track and share real-time information. Updates

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