Travel News: April 19-25

Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from allergies, gate-checked hand luggage, the Giant Seat and stowaways, to customer ratings and a genius twist on inflight safety “talk”. Enjoy!

Swiss International Air Lines Certified as World’s First “Allergy-Friendly” Airline

You many have noticed the distinct lack of peanuts on flights in recent years, as commercial airlines offer their passengers snacks that are more allergy friendly. Perhaps you have even seen gluten-free or lactose-free meal options. Well Swiss International has now taken things one step further by becoming certified as the world’s first “allergy-friendly” airline by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

Tuck Your Arms In or Pay for the “Giant Seat”?

If airline interior manufacturers have their way, things are about to get even cozier on board short haul flights in particular. According to Hugo Martin of the Los Angeles Times, exhibitors at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg were promoting ways to cut down weight, as well as create innovative layouts that fit more seats per cabin.

In contrast, Allegiant Air has just introduced its “Giant Seat” – a roomier seat in its economy cabin that is primarily intended for crew members to get rest on long flights, but is also available for passengers to purchase (if they are willing to pay a bit extra).

Stow Away Boy Survives Flight to Hawaii

A 15-year-old boy from Northern California miraculously survived a five-and-a-half-hour flight to Maui, after he hid in the wheel well of a Boeing 767 jet departing out of San Jose International Airport.

Air Canada Apologizes for Mishandling of Gate-Checked Hand Luggage

Ouch. Passengers on a recent Air Canada flight out of Toronto helplessly looked on as they saw their carry-on luggage free falling from the jet way to a basket on the tarmac. Air Canada has subsequently apologized for the snafu and suspended the baggage handlers involved.

Airlines Get Lowest Consumer Satisfaction Rating for Second Year in Row

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index travel report, airlines have again received the lowest customer satisfaction rating out of all travel sectors. The good news? Airlines rank above the IRS and subscription television providers. Carriers also seem to be making progress with baggage handling and check-in procedures.

Laugh of the Week: Courtesy of Marty Cobb

Forget the unusual airline safety videos that we’ve shared this year, Marty Cobb proves you don’t need a film crew and a big budget to make in-flight safety information entertaining – just a great script and a wicked delivery. Marty, a Southwest Airlines flight attendant recently had her passengers in stitches with her monologue. Updates

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