Travel News: April 5-11

Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from in-flight entertainment, LUV stories, limes and bumping back, to checked baggage fees, solar flights and on-time rankings. Enjoy!

More Airline Entertainment Updates

United Airlines is leveraging its sponsorship of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival to offer passengers curated Tribeca films, documentaries and shorts during their flight. The content will also be available via the complimentary entertainment program that United is rolling out on some aircraft for travelers with Wi-Fi enabled laptops and mobile devices.

Speaking of in-flight entertainment on electronic devices, Alaska Airlines is about to offer customizable inflight entertainment options that will bring movies, TV and other content directly to the personal laptops, tablets and smart phones.

A Southwest LUV Story

This week we came across a blog post on InkonHand that demonstrated how a little customer service can go a long way. Kudos to Southwest Airlines for continuing to support Mr. Zeller’s LUV story.

Know Your Rights Next Time You Are Bumped

Federal law requires airlines to pay between 200% and 400% of your one-way ticket price if your flight is oversold and you are involuntarily bumped. Read Christopher Elliott’s article to learn how you can protect yourself from being short-changed in the future.

Swiss Unveil Solar Plane for Around-the-World Flight

Solar Impulse 2 has been designed to make the world’s first around-the-world solar flight, which is expected to take 20 flying days. The purpose of the flight is to showcase the value and possibilities of renewable technologies.

Limes Disappear From In-Flight Beverages

If you find yourself wondering why there was no lime in your vodka tonic during your next United Airlines or Alaska Airlines flight, its disappearance is being blamed on high prices and a lack of supply.

Hawaiian Airlines is Top Dog for On-Time Flights in February

Looking to get to your destination on time? Well, if February’s rankings are anything to go by, your best shot is to fly with Hawaiian Airlines (90% on-time rate), followed by Alaska Airlines (86%) and Delta Air Lines (76%).

More Post Merger Changes For American Airlines

American and US Airways are changing their fee policies for checked bags, as well as how miles can be redeemed for free flights. The latest post-merger changes follow earlier shifts in policy for bereavement fares, and extra legroom. Updates

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