Travel News: August 23-29 (Minors, the Elderly, Knee Defenders and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from unaccompanied minors, wheelchair assistance, and the Knee Defender, to smelling of Dior perfume. Enjoy!

American Airlines Makes it More Expensive for Teens to Fly Solo

This week saw yet another policy change from American Airlines as a result of its merger with US Airways. This time it impacts young teens traveling on their own. Starting September 3, unaccompanied minors ages 12 to 14 will now be charged $150 each way, in addition to the regular fare price. (This fee used to only be for minors ages 5 to 11).

Not a Good Week for Elderly Air Passengers

Elderly passengers be warned: wheelchair assistance may result in you not getting to your flight on time. The first story involves an 88-year old man who claims he was mistakenly left on a Southwest Airlines plane in Chicago. This resulted in him missing his connecting flight to Atlanta. Fortunately it seems he wasn’t on his own for too long; although the same cannot be said of the 85-year-old lady who also got parked and forgotten by Southwest Airlines – this time at Newark Airport.

Knee Defender Gets Passenger into Trouble

A plane traveling from Newark to Denver last weekend was diverted to Chicago O’Hare after two passengers got into a ruckus over a travel accessory called the Knee Defender, which prevents the seat in front from reclining and is prohibited by major U.S. airlines.  On a more positive note, if you want to know our thoughts about useful (issue-free) accessories for travel, check out our “16 Accessories to Improve Your Travel Experience” article on the Huffington Post.

Random Story of the Week: Frenchman Escorted off Plane for Smelling of Dior

It seems there is now another passenger offense that can get you kicked off a U.S. flight – too much perfume. A Frenchman was escorted off his American Airlines flight to Dallas by police because he “smelled bad.” It seems he doused himself in Dior perfume at the Duty Free Shop in Paris Charles-de-Gaulle before boarding. Updates

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