Travel News: August 9-15 (Clowns, Stowaways, Unusual Cloud Formations and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from clowns, stowaways, and fish n’ chip dinners, to Tropical Storm Iselle, seat-back screens and unusual cloud formations. Enjoy!

El Al Clowns Around this Summer

El Al Airlines has taken inflight entertainment to a whole new level this summer. It seems the airline has added clowns to its cabin crew for flights from Tel Aviv to New York.

Southwest Stowaway Heads to Tinseltown

San Jose airport has just had its second stowaway incident in four months. This time the offender was a 62-year-old woman, who boarded a Southwest flight to Los Angeles without a ticket.

British Airways “Flying Fish and Chip Supper”

Cooking and eating fish in a confined public space may seem like a bit of a no-no. But that hasn’t stopped BA from introducing a new Flying Fish and Chip Supper as part of its inflight menu. More importantly it is receiving rave reviews.

Hawaiian Flight Get Back to Normal After Tropical Storm Iselle

Hawaii’s three largest airlines, as well as carriers such as Alaska Airlines, Fiji Airways, Jetstar Airways and US Airways, have all resumed normal service after Tropical Storm Iselle resulted in nearly 300 flight cancelations last Thursday and Friday.

Don’t Expect to See Seat-Back Entertainment Screens for Much Longer

Lately we’ve seen a lot of reports about airlines and their new Wi-Fi entertainment programs, including Delta’s free on demand programming. Now it seems there is a reason behind all of this activity. Various airlines are investing in entertainment that streams directly to personal devices because it will allow them to scrap expensive seat-back entertainment screens.

Random Story of the Week: Passenger Sees Alaska’s Mascot in Cloud Formation

A traveler flying out of Seattle’s Sea-Tac airport took a photo of a cloud formation that he says resembles the Alaska Airlines mascot found on the tail of their airplanes. What do you think; does the photo look like Alaska’s Eskimo? Updates

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