Travel News: Dec. 1-5 (The Lowest Airfare Ever, 2015 World’s Best Airline, The Soarigami, Santa’s Preferred Airline, and more)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline news covering everything from low-cost airfare across the Atlantic, world’s best airline, sharing your armrest, TSA fees capped, the official airline of Santa Claus, and more. Enjoy!

Bring ‘Wow’ to the Holidays with Lowest Airfare (Ever)

Looking for an affordable way to fly to Europe this holiday season? Wow Air is now offering low-cost airfare across the Atlantic with flights as low as $99 (the lowest yet), helping travelers on a budget everywhere.

2015 Airline of the Year

Air New Zealand, the airline synonymous with the quest to take back Middle Earth, was named the world’s best airline. Not only do they cater to every passenger’s needs with unique amenities and charm, they also do it while being environmentally friendly and safe. While your next adventure might not include a quest to Mordor, Air New Zealand will inspire your next journey.

Landing on Armrests Everywhere in 2015: The Soarigami

Do you fear those awkward armrest conversations with your airplane seat neighbor? Fear not, as a new origami-inspired device, the ‘Soarigami,’ will debut in 2015 to double your armrest area. Taking design cues from paper airplanes, Soarigami will provide each passenger with their own designated space to cut down on anxiety ridden interactions.

TSA Fees Capped for Future Savings

As travelers are always trying to find new ways to save money, we can save more now with new U.S. legislation that will cap security fees on airline tickets at $11.20 per round-trip. With up to $60 million in savings per year, feel free to buy that extra bag of skittles to munch on your layover.

Return Home Quickly with the Kris Kringle’s Favorite Airline

Eight reindeer pulling a sleigh is SO last season – and Saint Nick knows it. What better way to ride in style, while making the fastest connection between the east and west coast, than teaming up with Finnair, the official airline of Santa Claus. Like Santa, you can now find the quickest routes home for the holidays.

Random Story of the Week

Etihad Airways is bringing a new level of comfort to air travel with improvements in their first class, business class, and economy class. Be prepared to privately feast on gourmet goodies, enjoy a turndown service for those extra-long flights, and revel in pillows designed to convert from a neck to standard pillow to help with neck cramps. Updates

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