Travel News: Feb. 22-28

Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from arm wrestling, fare hikes, new jets and futuristic airport security screenings to frequent flyer programs, bereavement fares and first class travel. Enjoy!

Delta Airlines Initiates First Fare Hike of 2014

Delta Airlines has raised domestic tickets by $10 per roundtrip flight, but only for high-priced tickets booked at the last minute. It is the first airline-approved fare increase of the year, with United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways quickly following suite.

“Malice in Dallas”: How an Arm Wrestle Resolved an Airline Dispute Back in 1992

Matt Blitz tells the fascinating story of how a former Southwest Airlines CEO chose an old-fashioned arm wrestling competition to settle a slogan dispute outside of court.

You can Expect to Fly on a New Plane Soon

Airlines are currently on the largest jet-buying spree in history. Each week 24 new planes roll off the assembly line, compared with 11 planes a decade ago. U.S. airlines have retired nearly 1,300 other planes over the last five years in an effort to replace aging gas-guzzlers.

The Future of Airport Screening

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is shopping around for new screening technology that will allow them to conduct airport security screenings on-the-fly.  If high-tech firms are able to deliver, the new technology will mean airline passengers can be screened for weapons while walking and without having to remove coats and shoes.

American Airlines Latest  Policy Change: No More Bereavement Fares

Last week we reported that American Airlines will offer extra legroom on US Airways planes as a result of its recent merger. This week we have learned that the airline intends to end its bereavement policy for travelers who have experienced a death in the family. The move brings American in line with US Airways’ policy, which does not offer bereavement fares.

First Class Perks That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered what it is like to travel first class – aside from bigger seats, bar service and better in-flight meals?  Well it could mean a ride in a Porsche or a Mercedes-Benz GL,  special boarding gates and waiting areas, or even a private suite designed for the British Royal family.

Shift in Frequent Flyer Programs

Delta has just announced that its loyalty program will now track how much is spent, versus number of miles flown. Mitch Lipka from Reuters breaks down what this could mean for consumers – especially those who try to collect miles from annual vacations.

Ryanair to have €10 flights to the U.S.

Ryanair has developed a plan for flights from Europe to the U.S. for as little as €10, and flight to Europe from the U.S. for $10. The airline’s cheif, Michael O’Leary as noted that the plan is still several years in the making. Updates

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