Travel News: January 10-16 (Peanut Allergies, Air Travel Hackers, #CarryonShame and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from United MileagePlus perks for premium fares, peanut discrimination, and private treatment, to air travel hacks, tarmac fines, lap babies and #CarryonShame. Enjoy!

More Perks for Business Fliers

United Airlines has just launched a new promotion for its frequent fliers. Between now and Feb. 28, MileagePlus members will receive up to 12,000 bonus award miles when they fly in United premium cabins.

American Airlines Bans Family for Peanut Allergy

It seems American Airlines needs to take a leaf out of United Airline’s policy book when it comes to allergies. An unfortunate British family got temporarily banned by the airline because of a peanut allergy; something that resulted in them not being able to fly home for two days. Note to anyone out there flying with an extreme allergy…make sure you take a “fit to fly” medical certificate with you so that you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.

Man Receives Private Treatment on Commercial Flight

After hours of delays, one man found himself in the lucky situation of being one of just two passengers on a flight from Cleveland to New York this week. Check out some of the photos he posted on Twitter here.

Hackers Steal Miles

It seems nothing is off limits for hackers these days. In recent months three airline reward programs have been targeted by hackers in an attempt to steal miles. The last two instances – involving American Airlines and United Airlines – resulted in hackers being able to book free trips or upgrades without the account holder’s knowledge.

In other hacker-related news, Park ‘N Fly is notifying customers that their payment card information was exposed following a data breach on its website.

Southwest Receives Record Fines for Tarmac Delays

Severe weather last year, along with the poor decision to leave passengers stranded for hours on the tarmac, has left Southwest Airlines with a record breaking $1.6 million fine from the Department of Transportation.

Only 2 U.S. Airlines Make it into World’s Most Punctual Airline List

According to UK data monitoring firm OAG, only Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines made it into their World’s Most Punctual Airline list for 2014. They were joined in the top 20 by 13 European airlines. Latvia’s national carrier, airBaltic, took top spot.

Brazilian Airlines Want to Charge for Lap Babies

If you are hoping to fly to Brazil in 2017 with an infant you may want to re-think your destination choice. Brazilian airlines are pushing to remove the 10% cap on fees for children under 2 who sit in a parent’s lap.

Random Story of the Week: #CarryonShame

We’ve all witnessed it; passengers hauling aboard more carry-on luggage than a pack horse. But are you also guilty of indulging in a little extra luggage? Twitter and Instagram is ablaze with photos shaming passengers for their bin hog tendencies.

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