Travel News: January 17-23 (Super Bowl, Solar, Air Rage and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from Delta’s new SkyMiles program, air rage penalties in China, and the first around-the-world solar flight, to the Super Bowl and overhead bin lawsuits. Enjoy!

New Delta SkyMiles Rules In Effect

Nearly a year ago, we shared the news that Delta was changing its loyalty program to reward dollars spent, versus miles flown. At the time many were concerned that this approach only rewards business fliers and leaves many consumers – especially those who try to collect miles for an annual vacation – in the lurch. Now that the program has gone live, Ellen Creager gives an overview of what the new rules really mean to you.

Blacklist for Air Rage in China

It seems the U.S. is not alone in dealing with a recent wave of disruptive passengers on commercial flights. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has said it is considering new rules that will blacklist passengers found guilty of air rage.

Around the World Flight Planned for Solar Plane

Solar power is about to take a huge step forward. Powered only by the sun, Solar Impulse 2 will attempt to prove next month that it is possible to cross continents and oceans in a plane that doesn’t require a single drop of fuel. The journey is expected to take five months, comprising of 25 flight days.

Airlines Add New Flights for Super Bowl

American, Delta, United, Alaska, JetBlue and Southwest have all added flights to their Phoenix schedules to help meet demand for the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Most of the extra flights are to/from Boston and Seattle.

Random Story of the Week: Portland Man Sues Southwest for $49,000 for Overhead Bin Incident

Anyone who flies has probably been clobbered at some point by a piece of luggage – either as a fellow passenger makes their way down the aisle, or as a piece of carry-on gets stuffed into an overhead bin (or taken out). But have you ever sued an airline for damages? That is what one Portland man, who claims to have suffered a compressed disc after an oversized suitcase fell on him, is doing.

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