Travel News: July 12-18 (Luggage Bins, Frank Abagnale, World Cup and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from jumbo size luggage bins, Frank Abagnale and consumer reviews, to the World Cup, LinkedIn and automated check-in. Enjoy!

Alaska Goes Big for Carry-On

Just when other airlines are shrinking the size limit for carry-on luggage, Alaska Airlines is taking a refreshing step in the opposite direction. It will be the first carrier to get new Boeing “Space Bins” which are not only larger and easier to reach for passengers, but can also carry oversized items such as guitars. Our guess is that traveling musicians will be rejoicing, especially in the wake of the DOT’s failure earlier this year to write rules to prevent airlines from losing or damaging instruments.

Catch Me If You Can – Take Two?

Straight out of the pages of a Frank Abagnale autobiography, Federal officials have arrested a Georgia man for posing as an airline employee to score cheap tickets for flights on JetBlue. But the real catch is that he didn’t use the tickets himself – instead he resold them; charging $2,000 for a year of flights.

Consumer Reviews Take Flight

Want to get more information about legroom, food, and customer service for your flight? Do you like reading and posting consumer reviews? Well now there are a growing number of websites – including SeatGuru, InflightFeed and others – that offer the ability to rate your flight experience, as well as read up on other traveler reviews so that you can get the best possible flight experience.

World Cup Final Breaks Records in the Sky

Gone are the days when the only in-flight entertainment available was a cheesy outdated movie. This past weekend 40,000 airline passengers got to enjoy Germany’s victory in the World Cup final…in real-time. According to Panasonic Corp, nearly 200 jets from nine different carriers gave their passengers the opportunity to watch the game as it unfolded.

KLM Embraces LinkedIn

KLM has just added LinkedIn to its list of customer-facing social media. Passengers can now use LinkedIn to ask about their seat reservations, rebooking process and baggage charges.

JetBlue Rolls-Out Automated Check-In

JetBlue has become the latest airline to eliminate the traditional check-in process. Instead of checking in online 24 hours before their flight, customers will now receive an email alert along with a printable boarding pass and information about any schedule changes. Updates

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