Travel News: July 19 – 25 (Rubber Ducky, Cartoon Network, Tweeting and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from rubber ducks, Southwest Airlines new Cartoon Network programming, the World’s Best Airlines, and Tweets that can get you into trouble. Enjoy!

Another Viewpoint on the World’s Best Airlines

Skytrax has just released the results of its 2014 World Airline Awards. While there are no surprises at a global level, Ed Perkins over at the Chicago Tribune questions whether they have it right for “Best in North America.” Take a look at the list and see what you think.

Champagne, Soak Tub and Rubber Ducky – Check!

Boy it can be good to fly first class; especially when it comes to getting access to the new breed of airline lounge that has emerged in the last year and a half. According to NBC, a number of new airline lounges are taking things up a notch with the services that they offer, including Lufthansa’s first class terminal in Frankfurt where guests can (among other things) enjoy a relaxing bath complete with champagne and a rubber ducky.

Southwest Streams Cartoon Network Programming to Wi-Fi Devices

Southwest has just announced a new addition to its inflight entertainment portal – this time catered purely toward its younger customers (so long as mom or dad has brought a Wi-Fi enabled electronic device with them). Cartoon Network programs, including Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball and Ben 10 Omiverse will now be streamed live on 80 percent of its flights.

Man Tweets Negative Airline Experience and Gets Booted from Plane

You may have read articles in the past about how it can pay to use social media for travel complaints. However, as one man found out, this strategy can sometimes backfire. After a “terse” conversation with a gate agent about priority boarding, he Tweeted about his negative experience. The result? He was asked to take down the Tweet or leave the plane. Updates

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