Travel News: July 5-11

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from new reporting for small airlines, charging electronic devices, and pizza, to beacon technology, Norwegian’s no-frills transatlantic service, flight cancellations and Spirit HATE. Enjoy!

DOT Wants Stricter Rules for Small Airline Reporting

Regional airlines and small carriers may soon have to report on-time performance, over sales and mishandled baggage rates. Until now they have flown under the radar but, under the proposed rule change any airline that accounts for at least 0.5% of domestic scheduled passenger revenue will need to provide better insight into their operations.

Charge Your Phone Before Flying Back to the U.S.

If you are about to travel outside of the U.S. and plan on taking your smartphone, laptop or iPad with you, make sure you also take your charger. New rules from the TSA mean that security agents at international airports may ask you to turn on your electronic device before they let you board your U.S. bound flight. If your device does not have power, it will not be allowed on the flight.

New Beacon Technology Set to Enhance Passenger Air Travel Experience

Airports around the world are currently set to debut new beacon technology that will enable them to track the exact location of passengers and send useful information to their mobile devices. This information may include boarding gate changes, distance/time to gates, as well as promotions from airport shops. As of now, Dallas, San Francisco, Shanghai and Copenhagen are in the process of installing the necessary coin-sized transmitters from aviation technology provider, SITA.

Norwegian Airlines Launches Low Cost, No Frills Transatlantic Service

If you are someone who isn’t interested in receiving perks like blankets, headphones and food as part of your transatlantic ticket to London, you may want to check out Norwegian Airlines new service. Operating between London Gatwick and New York, Los Angeles and Florida, it could save you some serious dollars. But remember all you are purchasing is the seat; everything else is extra.

July 4th Vacations Stalled by Flight Cancellations in Northeast and Chicago

The busiest travel day of the summer hit a snag last week when more than 1,000 flights were cancelled and another 1,000 flights were delayed following the arrival of Hurricane Arthur in the Northeast.

Frontier Airlines Pilot Buys Pizza for Entire Plane

In unrelated weather news, the captain of a Frontier flight from Washington D.C. to Denver took his own initiative after his flight was diverted due to bad weather. During an unscheduled stop at Cheyenne Regional Airport for refueling, he ordered more than 50 pizzas for his stranded and hungry passengers.

Spirits New HATE Advertisement

Love it or hate it, the concept behind the new HATE video from Spirit Airlines is certainly original. Aside from calling their passengers a “cheap ass”, they are looking to reward their haters with 8,000 free Spirit miles. Updates

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