Travel News: June 21 – 27

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from a TSA fee increase and free Wi-Fi to the future of air travel and robot valets that park your car. Enjoy!

July TSA Fee Increase

Haven’t booked your end of summer travel yet? Well, expect airline tickets to be more expensive starting in July thanks to an increase in the passenger fee that funds the Transportation Security Administration. Hurry – you only have a couple days of June left to book your flight!

Future of Air Travel: Smart Security

Thought air travel entered the place of no return with all the security checks, additional hidden fees and baggage restraints? Fear no more, as a coalition of airports and airlines will begin live testing a “smart security” system within the next year, streamlining checkpoints with cutting-edge technology to clear low-risk fliers. Aka keep your socks on.

Free Wi-Fi for New York and New Jersey Airports

New York and New Jersey have joined the land of free – Wi-Fi in airports, that is. The Port Authority just approved a plan to offer the first 30 minutes of Wi-Fi for free as early as fall in major metropolitan airports.

New French Airline Selling Business Class Seats at Economy Prices

Flying business class to Europe at “low” fares might become a thing of the near future, as French boutique carrier La Compagnie kicks off plans to offer economy prices to Europe. The catch (other than the website only available in French) is that fares can’t be purchased in the U.S. – yet!

Losing Luggage Over No Phone is a No Brainer for Millennials

Millennial travelers, those born from 1980 to 2000, know what they want and are happy to tell you what it is: free high-speed internet! A Choice Hotel 2014 Summer Travel Survey sheds some light on the wants, not needs, of these discerning travelers.

Annoyed with Flying? Don’t Get Mad, Get Advice

Drifting from a time of luxury and class, the airport (and the incessant waiting and delays that comes with it) has become one of the most annoying parts of travel. Amy Alkon, author of two books: “I See Rude People: One Woman’s Battle to Beat Some Manners Into Impolite Society,” and the recently published “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say …” sets out to end the airline impoliteness.

Robot Valet at Your Service

Ever wish that airports have valet parking to save you the hassle of going around in circles trying to find a empty spot? Well, Dusseldorf Airport in Germany is doing one better by offering a robot valet named Ray to park your car. Dubbed PremiumPLUS parking, it costs €29 a day or approximately USD$40. Updates

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