Travel News: March 8-14

Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from short hemlines, cabin crew employment policies and Interpol, to a mobile twist on inflight entertainment. Enjoy!

Eyebrow Raising Hemlines

Revamped flight attendant uniforms are nothing new. Last year Virgin Atlantic announced that it is using Vivienne Westwood to update the look of its own flight attendant uniforms, while Air Canada drew criticism for going too hipster with its new look. Now Japan’s low-cost carrier, Skymark Airlines, is raising eyebrows with new uniforms that are so short its flight attendants are not allowed to help passengers get luggage into overhead bins.

Qatar Airways and Emirates Defend Policies on Pregnancy and Marriage

Qatar Airways recently came under fire for employment contracts that forbid any member of its cabin crew (male or female) from marrying during the first five years of employment. At the same time Emirates is defending a pregancy policy that forces female cabin crew that become pregnant during the first three years of employment to leave.

Interpol Test Project Allows 2 Airlines to Check Passports Against Database

In an effort to help identify criminals traveling with lost or stolen travel documents, Interpol has launched a test project involving Qatar Airways and Air Arabia. Under the new program, passengers will have their passport data screened against Interpol’s database before boarding their plane.

United to Deliver Free In-Flight Programming to Apple Devices

Passengers with iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch are about to have the opportunity to download and watch over 150 movies and nearly 200 TV shows for free on select United flights. Updates

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