Travel News: May 3-9

Here is a round-up of this week’s travel news – from ensuite inflight acommodations, digital baggage tracking and ancillary fees, to bike share programs and how to cash in miles. Enjoy!

Etihad Plans to Step Up First Class

Who needs a fold out bed when you can have a suite with a bedroom, ensuite bathroom and private butler? That is exactly what Etihad Airways is planning to rollout on its new A380 planes. But the 125-square-foot suite, located at the front of the plane’s upper deck, won’t come cheap: expect to pay about $21,000 one way from Abu Dhabi to London.

Air France and KLM to Launch Digital Baggage Tracking by End of Year

Two more European airlines are set to introduce digital baggage tracking before year end. The new technology allows passengers and airlines to track their luggage, thereby cutting down the chance of lost luggage. If you want to use similar technology stateside, check out our blog “Checked Luggage: How to Keep Your Bags Safe & Report Any Issues.”

It’s Official: Airlines Are Making Serious $ From “Extras”

This week the U.S. Department of Transportation shared insight into the ancillary fees collected by airlines last year. But, contrary to what you might expect, baggage fees actually declined by 4% between 2012 and 2013.

Alaska Airlines Sponsors Seattle’s Bike Share Program

Alaska Airlines has revealed the look of the green and blue bicycles, branded with the airline’s logo, that will be used for Seattle’s bike share program—due to launch this fall.

10 Cheapest Airlines to Fly to Europe

Major airlines are slowly raising airfare prices, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good deal to Europe. A great way to save money on flights to Europe is to fly on a low cost airline you might not be familiar with, most of which are based out of Europe. Also check out our tips on how to find lower fares to Europe.

Best Airlines for Cashing in Your Miles

Feeling frustrated with your airline’s mileage program? Annoyed that your travel dates are often either not available or costs double what a base frequent flier ticket costs? It might be time to switch your preferred carrier. Here are how 25 domestic and international carriers rank, from best to worst, in terms cashing in your hard earned miles. Updates

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