Travel News: Nov. 1-7 (Standard Self-Service Kiosks, Beats Music on Southwest, #HappyToHelp Campaign & More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from self-service kiosks becoming a standard to new holiday-themed airport spa treatments. Enjoy!

International Airports Investing in Self-Service Kiosks

In response to air-travel passengers requesting additional automated-services, global airports are planning to invest in self-service kiosks, self-bag drops and self-boarding services technology over the next three years – increasing customer satisfaction (and the bottom line).

Fly It Forward: JetBlue Gives Back to Givers

Inspired by stories crewmembers unearthed from passengers, JetBlue just launched Fly It Forward – a social movement encouraging travelers to make the world a better place by fulfilling a humanitarian dream and then passing along one ticket for a continuous journey.

Terminal Getaway Spa Offers New Holiday-Themed Treatments (Among Others)

Right in time to detox during the holiday frenzy, Terminal Getaway Spa just announced a variety of new 10- to 90-minutes treatments in locations ranging from Chicago O’Hare to Orlando International airport. Passengers can treat themselves to a stress-reducing and focus-restoring cranial massage (for all of that Thanksgiving planning), holiday themed “Peppermint Delight” mani-pedis (because who can’t get enough of peppermint?), and the “Kid’s Crayola Mani-Pedi” (for a little kid pre-holiday pampering).

Don’t Miss a Beat on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines are encouraging fliers to pick up their headphones and stream Beats Music – for free! Offered through the onboard WiFi service (also free), passengers can listen to three songs and then submit their email address to Beats in order to continue listening.

KLM’s Latest Lighthearted Campaign

Brought to you by the same folks who returned lost luggage in the most adorable way ever (spoiler alert: with a puppy!), KLM is at it again, this time featuring employees that are #happytohelp. Showcasing the airline’s improvements in customer service, the video highlights employees offering off-the-wall perks to travelers.

Random Story of the Week: “Fairly Wicked Trip” Offered to Canadian Woman with Ex-Girlfriend’s Name

Instead of being down in the dumps post break-up, a man living in Toronto did what any other self-respecting guy would do after planning a round-the-world trip for two: offer the ticket up to a Canadian woman with his ex’s name on Reddit (the online forum). While this may seem extreme, he explains that the “archaic system” of switching names on a ticket has led him to take a drastic and adventurous measure, because who wants to travel the world alone? Good news to Canadian ladies named Elizabeth Gallagher (with some ground rules) – he’s still lookin’! Updates

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