Travel News: Nov. 17-21 (Airport Winter Wonderland, Airplane Sleepovers, Revamped Turkish Airlines Lounge & More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from an airport bringing out the holiday cheer, a sleepover in a loft-inspired plane, to revamped Business Class lounge, and speeding through immigration, JetBlue scaling back on perks, and more. Enjoy!

Changi Airport Creates a Winter Wonderland for Holiday Travelers

Watch out world! Disney is slowly taking over a new venue the Changi Airport in Singapore. Christmas decorations including Cinderellainspired castles, Swiss chalets, Japanese cottages, and snow will line the airport halls, inviting guests to step into a little ‘magic’ this holiday season.

KLM and Airbnb Offer Sleepover on a Grounded Plane

Known for their unique travel experiences, Airbnb is teaming up with KLM to offer the first ever airplane stay. For three nights, winners of the contest will have the opportunity to live, sleep, and explore inside the Dutch airline’s distinctive MD-11 airbus, adorned with new amenities and a loft-inspired interior.

Turkish Airlines Brings the Class to Business Class

Have you been searching for an airline that allows you to stretch your legs and avoid awkward eye contact with your seatmate, all while devouring gourmet food? What about a lounge that doubles as an arcade and playground to distract children while awaiting your connecting flight? Well, you’re in luck! The revamped Turkish Airlines’ Business Class Service and Lounge will now cater to all of these needs.

Never Fear: Getting Through Immigration Quickly is Here!

Waiting in a never-ending line to get through airport immigration can make or break your travel experience, but you can go from amateur to pro with a few helpful tips. With preparation coupled with strong track and field footing, prepare to brag about your master dodging skills to everyone in no time.

JetBlue Breaking Hearts with Added Fees

The only customer-satisfied airline has left us to join the masses. JetBlue is scaling back on perks and announced it will be adding baggage fees and squeezing seats a closer next year to boost profits. Our advice: enjoy the free blue Terra chips in coach while they last!

Random Story of the Week

Winter is slowly enveloping the nation, and everyone is feeling the effects – especially as all 50 states dropped below freezing this week. As flying in a winter wonderland can be tough (Great Lakes Region, we’re looking at you), many airlines such as American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, and United are helping passengers rebook by dropping flight change fees. Updates

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