Travel News: Nov. 8-14 (Airports as Luxury Destinations, “Connection Day,” Airlines Adopting Lifestyle Strategies & More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from airports doubling as luxury destinations, free Wi-Fi, and suggested armrest redesign, to brand strategists encouraging airlines to adopt lifestyle features, extravagant first class cabins, and apps for holiday travel. Enjoy!

Airports in Dubai and Doha Double as Luxury Destination

International destination airports, specifically in the Persian Gulf, are adding luxurious amenities from art to health spas to create a sense of place with the goal of boosting economic gain by driving business traveler traffic.

Verizon Provides Free Wi-Fi on Self-Declared “Connection Day”

November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving, has been declared “Connection Day” by Verizon Wireless and numerous partners who will provide free digital treats. To make holiday travel less painful, travelers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, movie and TV show streaming, 17 different Conde Nast magazine downloads, a week of Pandora One, and more.

Lifestyle Brands Take to the Skies

To create a competitive edge, brand strategists encourage airlines to invest in building their brand using lifestyle strategies. By incorporating tactics similar to high-profiting companies such as Apple and Ritz Carlton, airlines can build brand loyalty and strengthen customer satisfaction.

New Design Solves the Armrest Jostle

As airlines continue taking extreme measures to shrink seats and reduce legroom, they could at least adopt a coach armrest that eases tension and offers dual room. James Lee, Director of Paperclip Design, invented just that with a simple curve that creates upper and lower armrests.

Classiest First Class Airlines

Here’s a round-up of first class airlines seats that take extravagance to the next level. From The Residence by Etihad to Singapore Airlines and British Airways to Jet Airways, passengers traveling on these lavish airlines enjoy options from Michelin-star-quality dining to fully enclosed private suites.

Random Story of the Week: Apps to Make Holiday Travel Easy

Conde Nast Traveler rounded up a slew of travel apps to make the stress of navigating the holidays a bit easier. Focused on weather, traffic, itineraries and more, these apps have you covered. Updates

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