Travel News: Oct. 25-31 (Skinny Airline Seats, French Food on Dutch Flights, Fare Hike Failures and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news covering everything from skinnier airline seats to the world’s best budget airlines. Enjoy!

Skinnier Seats on More Crowded Planes

The term “skinny” has finally infiltrated all consumer markets as a slew of airlines around the world have installed new ultrathin and trim seats that resemble a crowded park bench instead of cushioned lounges of the past. The plus side: the new slim seats allow for a larger entertainment screen and power plugs to keep fliers distracted (and lower fuel cost for airlines).

World’s Best Budget Airlines

Here’s a round-up of low-cost carriers that have until now flown relatively under the radar. From Peach to EasyJet, Ryanair to Wow, cost conscious fliers have more options to explore the globe while on a budget.

KLM Offering World Business Class Out of this World Meals

For a limited time, Chef Richard van Oostenbrugge will be offering his precision focused French cooking on KLM’s world business class flights. Recently named Chef of the Year by French restaurant guide Gault & Millau, the partnership will continue to attract international clientele to the Royal Dutch Airlines.

American Airlines – US Airways Rolls Back Fare Hike

This year alone, airlines have attempted to increase airfares 21 times – with only five successes. The latest to roll back prices was American Airlines-US Airways after a $4 increase didn’t catch on with competitors.

And the Best Day to Book a Plane Ticket Is…

Hint: not Sunday (or Monday, for that matter), as a recent study from the Airlines Reporting Corporation has led consumers to believe. The findings report that the average price of tickets are lowest on Sunday, but only take into account tickets sold to travel agents (geared towards business travelers) and sale prices versus available fares (meaning the best deal is not important). To save money, fliers should be conscious of how far in advance they book their flights over days of the week.

Random Story of the Week: Southwest Offers Fliers Free Drinks on Halloween

Bringing spooky spirit to the skies, Southwest Airlines is offering the first drink on the (haunted) house to gear up for the Halloween festivities. Updates

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