Travel News: October 11-17 (Staying Healthy, Celebrity Chefs, Fingerprints and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from how to stay healthy when flying, fingerprint check-in, and celebrity chefs, to federal charges, electronic devices and airline employee attendance. Enjoy!

9 Tips To Stay Healthy Flying

In the wake of this week’s news that two Dallas hospital workers have been diagnosed with Ebola, one health expert offers tips for staying healthy when flying.

  1. Avoid non-essential travel to impacted areas of West Africa
  2. Don’t travel if you are experiencing any signs of illness
  3. Get your flu shot two weeks before traveling
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly and often
  5. Travel with a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it after you take your seat and again once you’ve disembarked
  6. Take precautions when using plane lavatories
  7. Pay attention to seatmates
  8. Don’t share food or drinks
  9. Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or tissue if someone near you sneezes or coughs in your direction

Airlines are Partnering with Celebrity Chefs to Elevate In-Flight Dining

Bland plane food is slowly becoming a thing of the past – at least for business and first class passengers – thanks to a string of partnerships between various airlines and celebrity chefs.  Delta, South African Airways, British Airways, and Air France have all followed in Qantas Airways footsteps and implemented menus from top talent within the food industry. However only Finnair extends its partnership to all passengers – economy and first alike.

Alaska Wants Your Fingerprint

Alaska Airlines thinks it has a solution for long airport lines; it wants to use your fingerprint instead of traditional documents like passports and driver licenses at check-in. Now it is hoping to convince the TSA that biometrics is safe.

Latest Reclining Seat Incident Ends in Federal Charges

A Haitian man could be sentenced up to 20 years in prison as a result of his reclining seat dispute with another passenger on board a recent flight from Miami to Paris. He was charged in federal court with interfering with a flight crew member.

Flight Attendants Appeal Use of Small Electronic Devices During Takeoff and Landing

The largest flight attendant union in the U.S. has failed to convince a judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals that the FAA’s ruling to allow the use of cell phones, tablets and music and video players (during takeoff and landing) is not only dangerous but also in violation of the federal Administrative Procedure Act.

Random Story of the Week: United Gives Away Cars for Perfect Employee Attendance

Eleven lucky United Airlines employees got to choose a Ford car this month in recognition of perfect work attendance. Not bad for a corporate perk! Although here at and Travelzoo we love our Travelzoo Experience program. Not only are all employees given a chunk of cash to travel and test the deals we publish each year, but we also get 3 extra days of paid vacation. Updates

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