Travel News: September 13-19 (Economy Legroom, Unsanitary Seats, Space Satellites and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from the economy seats that give you the most legroom, baggage fees in Canada, and unsanitary plane seats, to the space industry and airline memorabilia. Enjoy!

Yahoo Travel Reveals Best Airlines for Economy Class Seats

In the wake of recent air rage stories involving lack of legroom, Yahoo Travel has compiled its list of the best airlines for economy seating. For domestic airlines the winners were Virgin America, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines. You can find out why here.

In somewhat related news, a new poll in the United Kingdom has revealed that 75% of Britons want airlines to ban reclining seats on planes, and 12% plan to buy the controversial Knee Defender that caused a stir last month.

Canadian Airlines Adopt U.S. Baggage Fee Model

It seems checked-baggage fees are about to become even more prevalent. Both Air Canada and WestJet Airlines have announced that they will now charge for luggage. The only good piece of news is that the new fees will only impact about 20% of domestic passengers – i.e. those who purchased the cheapest fare option. Is Europe next?

What To Do If You Are Given an Unsanitary Seat

Quick turnarounds between flights can sometimes leave the interior of a plane a little dirtier than you would like. Only two weeks ago, I found a yucky surprise when I put my hand in the seat pocket in front of me. But what happens if you experience something really unsanitary? Christopher Elliott offers his suggestions on what to do if you find yourself dealing with a particularly gross encounter.

Space Industry Struggles to Meet Growing Demand for Bandwidth in the Sky

At a time when more and more airlines are offering Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment that involve the use of personal electronics, the space industry is struggling to launch the satellites needed to equip airlines with inflight connectivity. Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that a solution is found quickly.

Random Story of the Week: Meet The Man with the World’s Largest Private Collection of Airline Memorabilia

How big is your hobby collection? Chances are it doesn’t include 40,000 pieces of memorabilia, like the El Al Airlines collection that Marvin Goldman showcases in his New York apartment. The real kicker is Mr. Goldman isn’t connected with the airline industry at all; his career was in international law. Updates

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