Travel News: September 20-26 (Passenger Shaming, iPads, Airline Meal Home Delivery and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from $8,000 seats, iPads, and pilot strikes, to plane boarding, passenger shaming and airline meals on your doorstep. Enjoy!

Would You Pay $8,000 for First Class Between New York And Los Angeles?

American Airlines is banking that some people will be willing to shell out $8,000 on a private berth with a fold-flat seat, three-course meal and a pet compartment known as the “Paris Hilton Compartment” on their A321T Airbus jets. Operational between New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco these first class seats are officially the most expensive domestic fares you can purchase today.

United to Install 6,000 iPads at Newark International

United is working with OTG to provide nearly 6,000 iPads in Newark’s Terminal A to help travelers surf the web, shop, track flights and order refreshments without having to pay for Wi-Fi. The renovations will take 18 months to complete.

Air France Pilots Extend Strike and Ask to Speak to France’s Prime Minister

The Air France pilot strike that began on September 15 continues. Already more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled as pilots voice their concern over the airline’s intention to move jobs outside of France. Now they hope to meet with France’s prime minister to make their case against Air France-KLM’s new European strategy.

Discovery Channel Finds Airlines Are Boarding Planes Wrong

The Discovery Channel’s MythBusters show has just proven that airlines board their planes inefficiently. After testing several different boarding methods they concluded that it is more effective to use the WILMA method where you board window passengers first, followed by middle-seat flyers and finally aisle seats.

Former Flight Attendant Takes to Social Media to Expose Bad Behavior on Planes

Shawn Kathleen has created a social media campaign called “Passenger Shaming” on Facebook and Instagram to showcase how people really act when flying. The photos are submitted to her by anonymous fliers and flight attendants looking to share what they witness.

Random Story of the Week: New German Service Delivers Airline Meals to Your Door

This one is hard to believe. But apparently, an online German grocery store has teamed up with LSG Sky Chefs (the food provider for Lufthansa) to create a home delivery service for business-class airline meals. The cost? About $12.90 per meal. Updates

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