Travel News: September 27 – October 3 (Mobile Phones, Autism, Email Viruses and More Passenger Shaming)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from business travel perks, using mobile phones in Europe, and passenger shaming (Modern Family-style), to air travel simulation and email viruses. Enjoy!

Europe’s Aviation Safety Agency Says Mobile Phones Safe on Flights

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has announced that the use of electronic devices between take-off and landing does not pose a threat to flight safety. The assessment paves the way for European airlines to allow passengers to take their devices – including mobile phones – out of flight mode once they have conducted their own safety assessments.

In somewhat related, albeit contrasting, news the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has told airlines they have five years to replace certain cockpit displays used on Boeing 737 and 777 jets. The directive is to correct an interference problem from Wi-Fi and cellular devices.

Email Virus Promises American Airlines e-Ticket

If you haven’t purchased a ticket on American Airlines, but receive an email that appears to have an e-ticket from American attached, delete, delete, delete. The Better Business Bureau is warning customers that there is a computer virus within the zip file that might attach malware to your computer in an attempt to steal sensitive information.

JetBlue Simulates Flights for Autistic Children

As a mom of two young boys, I know only too well how stressful flying with little ones can be. That is why I simply had to give a shout out to JetBlue’s brilliant new program with Autism Speaks. Designed to help families of autistic children, the program simulates the entire air travel experience so that it is less overwhelming when it actually happens.

Business Travelers Get Even More Loyalty Perks

Back in February we shared the news of how Delta had changed its loyalty program to favor business travelers over consumers. Now it seems airlines are going one step further in rewarding their repeat business customers; this time partnering with leading hotel chains to provide crossover perks – like the initiative that American Airlines and Hilton Hotels announced this week.

Random Story of the Week: Editor of Modern Family TV Show Live Tweets About Nightmare Passenger

On Sunday Ryan Case, editor of the hit TV show Modern Family, took “passenger shaming” to a whole new level when she live-tweeted about the drunk passenger seated in front of her. You can see 20 of her 60 or more humorous tweets, detailing the encounter, here. Updates

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