Travel News: September 6-12 (BBQ, Makeovers, Twitter and More)

This week’s round-up brings the latest airline travel news – from Kansas City BBQ, electronic devices, and greenhouse gas emissions, to Twitter and tablet computers. Enjoy!

Airlines Debut New Looks                                                                    

First up is Southwest Airlines who, on Monday, revealed a new look and logo for its planes. Channeling a more modern design that also pays tribute to its Love Field heritage, the new look is intended to symbolize the airline’s continued commitment to its core values moving forward. But don’t expect to see the new livery on your next Southwest flight. The rollout will be gradual and will also include a refreshed airport look (between now and 2016).

Not to be outdone, Frontier Airlines announced its own new livery and logo on Tuesday . The new paint job was showcased when a number of employees pulled an Airbus out of a hangar.

Hawaiian Airlines has also embarked on a makeover – albeit a temporary one that only involves its ground equipment vehicles. Using local Hawaii artists, the airline has covered its vehicles with hand-painted murals and lettering to highlight the safety of its operations. However, the vehicles will return to their regular paint jobs on October 10.

Aeromexico and Cathay Pacific Allow Gate-to-Gate Use of Electronics

Things continue to get easier and easier for passengers traveling with personal electronic devices. Both Aeromexico and Cathay Pacific have announced that their passengers can now keep their devices turned on from gate-to-gate, so long as they are in “flight mode.”

U.S. Government to Look at Airlines and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The EPA is set to study aviation emissions to determine whether greenhouse gas emissions from planes endanger public health or welfare. The news has been received with mixed feelings. Critics are concerned about regulatory overreach that will potentially result in yet more taxes for airline passengers, while the airline and manufacturing industry welcome the possibility of international standards for plane emissions.

Twitter Analysis Reveals Best and Worst U.S. Airlines

A text analysis company called Luminoso has identified the best and worst U.S. airlines, based on Twitter mentions in August. Out of Delta, United, American, Virgin America and JetBlue, it was Virgin America who scored highest. United Airlines received the lowest overall rating.

American Becomes First Airline to Give Flight Attendants Tablet Computers

American Airlines is replacing its flight attendant paper manuals with tablet computers. The airline says the move will not only help flight attendants stay updated in real time, but will help it save $1 million a year as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.6 million pounds annually.

Random Story of the Week:The Kansas City Airport BBQ Heist

It seems TSA personnel at Kansas City International like BBQ. A man who flew from Kansas City this week with a pound of Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que brisket and smoked sausage in his luggage found nothing but an inspection note from the TSA when he arrived home. While he is still waiting for an apology from TSA and United Airlines, the restaurant is sending him fresh supplies…and a T-shirt. Updates

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