World’s Best Airlines for Disabled Passengers

World’s Best Airlines for Disabled Passengers

For disabled persons, planning a truly enjoyable holiday presents a great number of challenges. Some of the major inhibiting factors include inaccessible accommodation and inadequate facilities at airports. This leads many wheelchair users to avoid travel altogether. Gradually, realization is dawning upon stakeholders in the travel industry and hotel and airline businesses are being encouraged to take the needs of disabled customers into account. Today, some of the best airlines in the world offer special services to customers with mental and physical disabilities. Here’s a list of some of the world’s best airlines for the differently abled:

  1. Qantas Airways


Probably the best airlines for disabled passengers, the Australian flag carrier certainly takes its duties towards those with limited mobility seriously. Qantas offers exceptional disability services that begin as soon as you enter the airport. Passengers can seek help in being lifted in and out of chairs, receive priority boarding, and get the wheelchair facility on demand. Qantas also offers disability discounts on flights to disabled travelers and their caretakers.

  1. Virgin Atlantic


One of the UK’s most renowned airlines, Virgin Atlantic holds a spot-free record in ensuring a comfortable flying experience for its disabled passengers. Its services are directed towards passengers with visual, auditory, and mental disabilities. One way in which Virgin Atlantic goes the extra mile in providing a stress-free flying experience to its disabled flyers is by making sure that at least one cabin crew member is highly skilled in British Sign Language. Furthermore, all long-haul flights are equipped with wheelchair-accessible toilets, something that most major airlines lack.

  1. Air Canada


Air Canada’s disabled-friendly services are largely unmatched. The well-trained and amiable staff takes good care of disabled passengers, right from the moment they step into the airport to the time they reach their respective destinations. But the most impressive aspect of their disabled-friendly service is the frequent follow-ups they perform throughout the journey to ensure all needs are met, even if a passenger hasn’t requested additional support. Moreover, if a passenger is in need of additional room for his/her mobility aids and equipment, the airlines will offer an extra seat free of cost, provided an empty seat is available.

  1. British Airways


British Airways strives to simplify matters for both the passengers and the crew members by requesting customers to choose from one of the three ‘service levels’ –

  • Service 1 – Assistance to and from the aircraft
  • Service 2 – Assistance in ascending and descending the stairs in addition to assistance to and from the aircraft
  • Service 3 – This service label includes the two mentioned above along with the further facility of an onboard wheelchair for mobility purposes around the cabin
  1. Southwest Airlines


Wheelchair users are the first to board Southwest Airlines’ flights. The airline also offers passengers with disabilities the option of selecting their own seats. Finding the right seating can be an important factor especially for those suffering from mobility issues. Having to go to the washroom, getting in and out of one’s seat can all become extremely difficult in the event of a seat misallocation.

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