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Budget Flying How We Are Helping to Change the Way People Travel

Budget Flying – How We Are Helping to Change the Way People Travel

Are you the kind of person who prefers an extra-long weekend just to take a quick detour to an island? You are, then, a perfect example of the modern traveler. During the past five decades, the ways people travel have changed, and incredibly so. Things such as travel durations, destinations, [...]

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Rabat - Where East Meets West

Rabat – Where East Meets West

The capital city of Rabat in Morocco is a land of many stories. Bearing influences from the Orient and the Occident, Rabat presents a confluence of cultures. First to arrive were the Phoenicians, followed by the Romans, and the Berbers – each bringing with them a unique strain of tradition [...]

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Airline Credit Cards, Travel Cards

Airline Credit Cards: What You Should Know About Them

Airline Credit Cards / Travel cards, in general, are often a favorite for consumers, and in particular, branded airline cards. Most major airlines have branded credit cards. In addition to the features of a traditional card, airline rewards credit cards will usually have the opportunity to earn additional points or [...]

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Visiting China: Top China Travel Tips for First Time Visitors

Throughout China, Chinese New Year celebrations are currently underway, marking the arrival of the Year of The Pig. Don’t worry just yet, though, if you have missed the opportunity to visit and experience festivities first hand. Traditionally, Chinese New Year sees millions of Chinese people disembark from cities like Beijing, [...]

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A dog sitting in front of a sunset

Pet on Board! Travel Safely with Your Pet by Plane

Taking your pet with you for a vacation can be an exciting experience. But before you reach your destination, it usually involves a long, difficult and stressful process, especially if you have to travel by plane. The thing is that animals get easily stressed especially when they’re at a new [...]

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Bumbershoot music festival in Seattle

Bumbershoot Seattle Music Festival Labor Day Weekend

Summer festival season is coming to an end. Get your tickets to Bumbershoot before they’re sold out! Check out performances by The Chainsmokers, J. Cole, SZA and the like. See the full lineup below.

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Airline Fees – 4 That Are Worth the Cost

As the holiday season approaches, airlines will have to prepare for an influx of travelers looking to fly long distances to meet up with loved ones and enjoy the festivities together. Whether you’ve booked an hour-long flight to avoid the highway traffic or you’re visiting relatives from across the globe, [...]

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Fly Major Carriers – And Get The Most Out of It

With all the recent mergers, expansion of incidental fees, and devalued frequent flier programs, flying with a major airline doesn’t have the same luster as in the past. Sometimes, the major carriers are still the most cost-effective and time-effective way to travel, but, you might want to give one of [...]

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5 Reasons Milan is the Perfect Entry Point to Europe

Europe fares have been trending down for months, but if you really want to save on your next trip, make use of inexpensive entry points like Milan.

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3 Day-Trip Ideas from Fort Lauderdale Beach

Get the most out of your vacation to South Florida with these memorable day trips from Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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