11 Packing Tips for a Smoother Travel Experience

We’ve all been there. You get to your destination in any one of the following scenarios: missing the bag with all your clothes; missing an outfit for that special occasion; leaked hair product; no formal shoes which prevents you getting in to a coveted night spot. The list is endless so I thought I’d share some useful tips to help you reduce the odds of ending up in a fix.

  1. Think ahead and pack less. Jot down what you think you’ll wear each day to help avoid over-packing. This will save you paying additional checked baggage fees and of course this means less baggage to haul around as well.
  2. Know the fees. Know baggage fee information ahead of time to avoid unexpected expenses at the airport. When using Fly.com, simply click on the baggage icon within each search result to get the specific fee, if any, for your chosen airline and flight.
  3. Pack a few plastic bags. Place them around your toiletries to avoid any spills. They also come in handy to hold dirty clothes.
  4. Divide and conquer. Never pack all your clothes in one bag in case the bag doesn’t make it to your final destination. Bring any essentials (change of clothes, medications, e.g.) in your carry-on bag.
  5. When hunger strikes. Buy snacks for a flight before going to the airport, and bring an empty water bottle to fill up instead of buying water to save on those inflated airport prices.
  6. Tuck and roll. Rolling clothes can help save valuable space, while also helping prevent wrinkles. Remember to roll from the bottom up, smoothing out any creases along the way.
  7. Russian-doll style. Pack items within other items. Stuff your socks in your shoes. When packing purses that don’t easily collapse, fill them with your toiletries, underwear etc. This will help prevent damage to the purses’ structure.
  8. Walk it off. Sight-seeing can do a number on your feet. Help prevent painful blisters with a friction block stick, like the one made by Band-Aid.
  9. Stay dry. Save those little bags of silica gel you find in shoe boxes, leather products, etc. Throw them in your camera bag to help prevent damage due to water/humidity.
  10. You can run but you can’t hide. Install a software like Prey on your laptop. In the unfortunate event that your computer is stolen, you’ll have the ability to activate the software from another computer or SMS message and track down your laptop’s whereabouts.
  11. Shop till you drop. Pack a light, collapsible but durable bag in your luggage (Personally, we love LeSportsac). This can serve as an extra bag in case you can’t resist picking up a few souvenirs.

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