Nothing is worse than finding yourself in a pickle in a different country and not knowing whom to call. Sure 9-1-1 is the standard emergency line in the States, but it is not necessarily that way for every country you may find yourself exploring. That’s why we searched high and low for a list of emergency numbers around the world. Save it to your tablet or your cellphone — something that you may have easy access to when traveling.

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List of International Emergency Numbers

Country Emergency  Number
Argentina 100
Austraila 000
Austria 112
Belgium 112
Brazil 193
Canada 911
China 119
Colombia 112/123
Costa Rica 911/112
Czech Republic 112
Denmark 112
Dominican Republic 911/112
Egypt 180
England 112/999
Finland 117
France 112
Germany 112
Greece 112
Hong Kong 999
Iceland 112
India 101
Indonesia 113/112
Ireland 112
Israel 100/101
Italy 112
Jamaica 110
Japan 119
Malaysia 999
Mexico 68
Morocco 15
Netherlands 112
New Zealand 111
Norway 110
Peru 116
Philipines 117
Poland 112
Portugal 112
Russia 112
Saudi Arabia 998
Scotland 112/999
South Africa 10111
South Korea 119
Spain 112
Sweden 112
Switzerland 112
Taiwan 110/119
Thailand 199
Turkey 112
United Arab Emirates 997/999
Vietnam 114 Updates

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