Infographic: Protect Your Valuables from Airport Thieves

Imagine you’re in an unknown place, surrounded by people you’ve never met before when all of a sudden your iPad is gone. Losing valuables tops the list of travel horrors.

It’s even worse when you realize you didn’t lose your iPad – it was stolen. This happens to thousands of airport travelers each year and there are measures you should take to protect yourself.

Safe Skies recently published a wealth of information compiled into one pretty infographic showing airport theft statistics, precautions travelers can take, and tips about what to do after becoming a victim.

Check out the infographic below detailing the relevant statistics. Afterwards, enter our contest on Facebook for the chance to win one of ten TSA-approved Safe Skies family 4-packs of luggage locks.

Safe Skies produces TSA-accepted luggage locks which ensure TSA agents in the United States, United Kingdom, and Zurich, Switzerland will use a special method to unlock checked luggage instead of removing locks entirely.

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