Last Minute Flights

      Made sudden plans of taking a trip with your buddies? Maybe a work trip popped out of nowhere and you’re now looking for last-minute Business Class tickets? No matter what the reason behind making spontaneous travel plans, it is possible to get cheap last-minute flights if you know where to find the best last-minute flight deals. Here’s our guide to help you find extremely cheap last-minute flights and reach your destination without burning a hole in your pocket.

      What is Last-Minute Travel?

      Last-minute travel is when you make plans for a trip out-of-the-blue and your travel date falls within a couple of days. A general rule of thumb regarding last-minute airfare is that when your tour dates are within 14 days of your booking, you’ll have to be looking for last-minute flights.

      Is There an Ideal Time for Booking Last-Minute Flight Tickets?

      Though last-minute plane tickets can be booked anytime within 14 days of the scheduled date of departure, prices may vary for different destinations. For certain destinations, booking last-minute flights in the week of the departure may prove to be cheaper whereas for others, booking a week prior to your date of travelling may get you better last-minute flight ticket deals.

      Do Airlines Really Offer Last-Minute Discount Flights?

      Airlines do offer attractive discounts on last-minute flight tickets. This is because there are often several travelers who cancel their tickets a few days prior to their flight. Airlines make up for these vacancies by offering discounts on last-minute flight bookings.

      At, you can browse through last-minute fares of multiple airlines and get the best last-minute airfare deals.

      How late is Too Late for Availing Last-Minute Airline Deals?

      Different airlines have different rules related to booking last-minute flight tickets. However, in general, it is possible to avail last-minute deals up to 2 hours from the scheduled departure.

      Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Last-Minute Airfare Deals

      Here are a few tips and tricks for bagging cheap last-minute flight tickets –

      • Travel via Red-Eye Flights

      • Red-eye flights i.e., flights that during the night hours are generally cheaper than their daytime counterparts. If you can handle sleep disruption for a night, you can score big on last-minute flight deals to anywhere.

      • Use Airlines Miles

      • Make use of your collected miles while buying last-minute flights to save big on your last-minute travel.

      • Get Notified

      • Another great way to find cheap last-minute flights is to sign up with This way, you will instantly get price alerts every time cheap last-minute flight tickets are available.

      • Be Flexible

      • Being flexible with your location and your travel dates can also help you find cheap last-minute plane tickets. Do search for last-minute international flight deals to multiple locations and compare airfares before you book cheap last-minute flights.

      • Choose a Low-Cost Carrier

      • Another way to find cheap last-minute airline tickets is to book a low-cost or budget airline, if you can make do with fewer amenities and less leg-room.

        Additionally, being open to travelling in the middle of the week, and making your travel bookings during the off-season will all determine whether or not you can make the most of last-minute one-way and round-trip flight deals.

      How Can I Book Cheap Last-Minute Airfare?

      Since airlines offer last-minute flights to anywhere, there is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to the destination you wish to travel to.

      Wondering how to make a last-minute flight booking? Look no further than All you need to do is enter your destination and travel dates and Fly will present you with a list of airlines offering last-minute fare deals. Compare your available options and go with the one that suits your needs.

      If you have a spontaneous overseas trip in mind, use Fly’s low fare calendar to find cheap last-minute international flights. This tool shows you the best deals from the nearest airport and allows you to create a custom fare calendar for any route.

      Be it last-minute First Class flights or last-minute one-way flight deals, you will find lots of cheap flights last minute deals at Start browsing through cheap last-minute fares on today!


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